Monday, December 1, 2008

thanksgiving desserts

i don't know about your family but our thanksgiving dinner always ends up with way too many desserts. this year, we had 6 pies, one ice cream cake, and these delicious cranberry bars for 18 adult/teenage persons and 2 younger children who didn't eat much but played a lot of video games.

cranberry bars

i was told that they are even better frozen and they are. i am so thankful for the internet and my new-found internet friends who love to knit and cook. the cranberry bar recipe came from my new friend, tunie, a former californian who has tranplanted herself & hubby to the land-down-under. yummy, yummy. i am thinking that they would be even MORE delish with a handful of chocolate chips.

i am almost done with my pair of socks i am knitting from panda superwash. for some reason, i have been making all kinds of mistakes on the mate and have spent a lot of time talking to my little green friends down at the frog pond. i have enough yarn left-over that i might make a pair of baby socks to throw in the washing machine...just to check out the superwash.

my own pattern
panda superwash "joyful"
color pretty accurate in this photo

carried pattern down toe

see how well the heel fits?
i added about a 1" heel flap before starting the short row heel.

the only thing i didn't like was the transition from the ribbing into the pattern. i would definitely change that if i were to reknit this.