Tuesday, January 27, 2009

jasmine lace fingerless mitts

the pattern is posted and ready to fly! click here!

the pattern for the matching scarf should be ready soon.

and the pattern for socks is still in my head! "danger, will robinson! danger!"

and the shipment of mini mochi has arrived and is available (hopefully) at a lys near you! you're gonna love this stuff.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

jasmine fingerless mitts and fun things

this is my favorite color of all the new mini mochis available from crystal palace yarns. unfortunately, the colors are very hard to capture. the blue fades into an aqua which fades into purple, then green, purple, aqua, then blue again. i think it then repeats in that sequence but i am not sure as i am not knitting these from one skein.

jasmine fingerless mitts
mini mochi neptune

i was going to knit the pair from one skein and told myself that fraternal is good but after i got into the first pattern, i couldn't do it. if i had planned ahead and knew the color sequence, i might have started the first mitt in a slightly different spot and could have worked the second mitt from the opposite end of the skein and had matching mitts. unfortunately, that is not what i did so i broke into a 2nd skein which actually started in the same color as the first skein so i didn't have to work too hard to get these to match. now i will try to piece the colors i have left to knit a "matching" jasmine scarf.

i have the pattern for the scarf written and am working on the pattern for the mitts. bad, that i am, i did not take notes when i knit the first one (flame) as a sample, so i am reverse engineering the pattern and writing it down this time. both patterns should be available at the cpy website in a few weeks. i will let you know when. and there are plans for some jasmine socks too.

the good news is that mini mochi has arrived and is available for you to buy and fondle.

i wanted to share this gorgeous bobbin lace heart that my friend, tunie, made me for my christmas tree. she told me that her bobbin lace friends call this "peasant thread" because it is so "thick". dime placed for comparison purposes.

i will never have the patience for bobbin lace; even if i use this "thick, peasant thread." thick?! i don't think so. thank you, tunie!

and then, my buddy, stilaholic nartian, held her first blog contest in november. for her birthday, she bought herself **mumble, mumble** skeins of socks that rock. the contest was to identify the colors she bought. well, out of 3 entries, i won. does that mean i spend too much time over at the blue moon fiber arts website? and here is my prize:

a skein of str lightweight, iolite colorway
and some make-up from "stila" and "nars"
(i always wondered how she got that blog name)

we have a running joke going that because we live in the same town, we can't let the other know our address because we might go stealing each other's stash. so, of course, we had to meet in person at the local starbucks to make the exchange as she won the frog pond drawing from the carefree kal. we met on the rainiest day in december. she brought her littlest monkey who taught me how to count to 10. she is sooo cute. anyway, thank you, nartian, for this wonderful prize. you need to have more contests.

and speaking of blue moon fiber arts, my pattern for the 2008 rockin' sock club ("serendipity") and the colorway ("dragon dance") have been posted and are now available for purchase by the general public.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

out with the old

...and in with the new!

have you ever bought yarn just because it was on sale?! never mind that the colors are just so "not me". well, here begins the tale of the noro entrelac scarf that was not meant to be. i purchased 4 skeins of noro #93 because it was on clearance. it had purples (love purples), light turquoise (good), hot pink (like hot pinks with purple), a little yellow (ok, not fond of yellow but it's just a little bit), and orange (ok, don't like orange, but hey, it's just a tad).

i have always loved noro as an entrelac scarf. so, enter the beginning of the entrelac scarf.

and i even finished it, all 4 skeins! joined the colors so the color sequence was the same. learned how to knit backwards.

but i hated the colors the way they came out on the scarf and i knew that i would never wear it. so, on new year's eve, the scarf became this...

did you know that noro is really hard to frog?!

i looked around on ravelry (doncha love ravelry?!) and found a scarf that is knit lengthwise, thus breaking up the blobs of colors that i didn't like on the entrelac scarf.

mystery of marie roger scarf

i even like the little bits of yellow and oranges now, as they seem to accentuate the colors i really like. i definitely am getting my play value with this yarn!

happy new year! i know i went missing in december but hey, you can probably guess what i was doing! i will show you what next time.