Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"c" is for

...crazy! it's been over a month since my last post. i don't know what i am doing! income taxes (yes, i waited to the last minute. why are you asking?) and 3 sock patterns to be knitted and written up.

i did finish knitting a mismatched pair of "bling" ("just a little" and a "bada" version) for the 50 socks/50 states book cd. yep! mismatched socks are my lifestyle. NOT! i really do have a problem wearing mismatched socks. remember! i am the person who knit 4 mitts to finally get a pair of matching jasmine fingerless mitts. yes, that would be me. so i plan on knitting another pair of "just a little bada bling". i am going to try it with a beaded cuff, beaded centers, and beaded back sides so the beads go down the heel flap but not the front insteps; so this would be inbetween the two versions.

"just a little" version on left, "bada" version on the right

then i have to finish up's april luxury sock kit. loved the yarn and really had fun with the pattern. the kits should be in the mail soon so i will be able to show you the socks in the next week or so. i also designed's may sotm club socks. loved this yarn too. i am actually knitting the mate to this one and may have a real PAIR to show you when i can.

other than that, i was just sent a new batch of mini-mochi which has been spun a little tighter than the original batches. seems like the yarn will be less splitty but it is not as fluffy. i am wondering if the yarn will fluff back up after washing? i kind of like the fluffy mm. well, off to check out the stitch pattern books; i am thinking scarf!

i've signed up for so many mystery sock/shawl kals for the months of april and may that i can't keep track of the clue releases and of course, have not started any of them. oh yeah, i am still working on my "i am not a lemming leyburn" socks too. that kal officially ended march 31st. oops!