Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"b" is for

...bada bling! i think i overdid the bling for arkansas. i have been in denial the whole way down the leg, the heel flap (though i do like the sparklies on the flap!), the gusset, and starting down the foot.

so, i have this version on hold and have started another version with "just a little bling"!

just some sparklies on the cuff and 3 in the middle of each motif.
i will miss the glitzy heel flap.

if anyone wants to see me, i'll be down at the frog pond. someone pass me the pitcher....

Friday, March 6, 2009

"a" is for

...adrienne and arkansas!

i admit that i have never been to arkansas. yet, this is my state for the 50 socks- 50 states cd. i had to do some research as i am not familiar with all the wonderful things this state has to offer. my only knowledge of arkansas was that it was the birthplace of our 42nd president, william jefferson clinton. pretty lame, huh?

well, the most exciting thing i found out (at least exciting for me) is that arkansas is home to the only active diamond mine in the usa! yes, diamonds! sparkly things. perfect inspiration for...

yes! lace and beads!

lace, silk, and sparkly!
i am in heaven!

now, to actually finish knitting the sock and write up the pattern!

ps. i also learned that the ozark mountain range is in arkansas and that the mighty mississippi river runs down the eastern border of the state. arkansas is the only state where the state legislature voted on the pronounciation of the state's name (ar-KAN-sas vs. AR-kan-saw). (although our govenator does do a number on ca-lee-four-nee-ahh). but i still think "diamonds" are more exciting. yes, i am shallow like that.