Thursday, August 30, 2007

mandy's candy bag

here is my "mandy's candy bag" for nh knitting mama's contest. i was hoping that it would be big enough to be used as a sock bag but it's not so i may rework the numbers. it is very cute. you still have time to knit one up and enter her contest. deadline is sept 3rd.

i've almost finished writing up the third pattern for blue moon fiber arts. now to knit the mates for two of the patterns.

on the disappointing side, summer of socks may cancel the design contest because there are not enough entries. i will be major bummed if it is. i guess i can always try submitting to knitty or magknits. it takes a lot of time to write a pattern. it's not fair (whine, whine...)

ok, now i feel better.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

check out

...this contest at schrodinger knits. she is giving away three cute little bags which are perfect for holding your sock projects. i want one. go on over and leave a comment. tell her i sent cha so i can get brownie point entries. i want one of those! you have until sept. 4th to enter.

i did win a skein of peaches and cream dishcloth yarn from barbara at romancing the yarn. the catch is i have to show her what i make with it. of course, sock yarn would have been more fun...and of course, i want "that bag".

don't worry. i'm not holding my breath.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

someone else is celebrating

rachel will be celebrating her almost one year blogiversary! it's really in october but she is really excited so decided to start the celebrating early. go over and tell her the name of your blog and why you decided on that name. it's fun to read the comments. you might win some cute stitch markers that she made herself.

of course, she may have so much fun with this that she will celebrate again in october! we can hope!

and please mention that i sent you...yes, brownie point entries.

back to finishing that 3rd design for bmfa. good thing i like knitting with str! (no peeking, p-la!)

edited to add: check out golden purl for her 6 month blogiversary contest (august 4th entry). she's got some great prizes. once again, she's giving brownie point entries for telling her i sent you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

another contest!

this kitten knits (aug 24th entry) is having a contest to celebrate her first blogiversary. go over and wish her a happy blogiversary. and tell her i sent cha! brownie points are always good!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

color my world

i know my last entry was definitely lacking in the "color" department (though rich in "tease"), so i thought i would show you what's new in my yarn collection. yes, yarn collection, as i am a connoisseur of fine yarns! hahahaha!

TOFUtsies from the second collection
much brighter!
do you notice a color preference going here?
TOFUtsies #791, #789, #787, #790
limited edition #2

and then susan at cpy sent me these new fall colors of panda wool for inspiration! they are even more gorgeous in person. the colors are very rich and i like that they are more subdued for people who don't want bright, happy feet. i really like the blue/green one on the left!

panda wool in new longer yardage balls (186 yds/50gm-yay!)
l to r: neptune, chocolates (browns, gold, royal purple), menswear, nightshade

meanwhile, i am trying to finish up that third design for bmfa. then i need to knit ME some str! i keep knitting them and sending them to bmfa. i don't have any for ME! ME! ME!

sos: well, i sent in my entry for the design contest. now to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


... is for "second (pair) of socks!"

i know it's kind of boring looking being just sock bottoms in black and white but i can't help it. this pair is one of the new designs for blue moon fiber arts. tina sent me one of the new colors from the fall line-up. so, what's a gal to do?

Friday, August 17, 2007

sos! for "set of socks!" and i can now claim a successful "summer of socks"!!!

yes, i've finally finished a pair of socks! may i present...

"peony-the remix"
(the pair of socks that would have one toe)

tofutsies #733
us 1 (2.25mm) leg/us 0 (2 mm) foot
gauge: 10 sts/inch on 2 mm needles
modifications: knit large size pattern for medium sock
carried pattern down toe


those toes were going to be the death of me. i easily finished the first sock but then got distracted by three little skeins of yarn from bmfa for 3 new designs. i was also trying to work on the design for the "sos" contest. i guess "peony" must have gotten jealous because i could not finish the toe of the mate. first, i counted the squares to the toe decreases WRONG! can you believe it? i completely finished kitchenering that baby and put the sock on. hm-m. something wrong here. seems a little short. square short. ok, frog and try again. oops! a little too long. dang! started the decreases on the wrong row. frog again. knit toe again. start kitchenering ...number of stitches is not the same on the instep and the sole. frog pond time again. let's try this one more time; i finally got it!

i personally thought i was insane to use 2 mm needles for the foot but i really like the fabric i got. tofutsies is so much thinner than the other fingering wt sock yarns. i will continue to knit it using a smaller gauge. however, for designing, i may not go smaller than 8.5-9 sts/inch. i don't know how many people want to cast on 72-80 sts for a pair of socks.

question: would you knit socks that have a cast-on of 72-80 or more sts? just curious.

design for the "summer of socks" contest is almost ready to send in. just have to take some pics and polish the pattern up. i actually have finished the pair for this too but am not posting yet.

two pairs of socks done!!! actually 3 pairs if you count two mismatched socks as a pair and that would definitely count if you were dobby...yes, i am reading harry potter. hey, p-la!! show me some socks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

another contest!

i love contests! of course, it is even more fun TO WIN! and nh knitting mama is having one! go knit one of her "mandy's candy bag" and let her know so you can get entered to win some "swag"! it's a cute little knit bag that looks to hold a ball of sock yarn...perfect!

sos: i have finished writing up my pattern for the "summer of socks" design contest. it is now being test knit by barbara. isn't she a sweetie? so barring any more tweaks, i am pretty much done - except for finishing the second sock! then maybe i can get to finishing a few more pairs before "sos" is fall!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


for "stupid ol' sock" again!


i am working on a sock for the design contest at sos and i ran out of yarn at the toe byjustthismuch! can you believe it? after sampling the pattern with about 3 different yarns (first, claudia handpaints, then cherry tree hill, and finally wollmeise), i finally went back to the claudia handpaints - only because the pattern was causing the other two yarns to pool really funny and i found it very distracting. i really love the wollmeise though.

so, what do i have to show after 6 weeks of sos? i have 4 single "peony", one each of 2 different designs for bmfa, and this last one with an almost toe. I 'M ON A ROLL!!!! stay tuned to see if i manage to finish any socks for "summer of (NO) socks (so far)."

mystery stole 3 progress: i am still on clue 2. i plan on knitting the "wing". how cool is that?!

so what are you working on?