Friday, October 22, 2010

"w" is for

...WALL of mochi (mini, plus, chunky, and otherwise!)

YES! i got to visit the infamous wall of mochi yesterday! i finally took a ride on bart out to richmond to meet up with susan for lunch and a visit to the straw into gold (crystal palace yarns) warehouse!

cathy campbell (who refused to be photographed. i don't know why. she is a cutie!) is out here to make up rep kits with the new yarns that are coming out. it's a very labor intensive process but the results are wonderful.

here is the table with all the new sausalito* colors.

cpy 1

the yarn is cut into long lengths. then cathy pulls out about 5 or 6 pieces showing the different variations of the colorway and loops them around a cardboard strip. these are then mounted onto a black background labeled with the colorway names. i forgot to take a picture of the final product but the presentation is wonderful.

the warehouse is huge

cpy wh

the yarn, needles, and other accessories are housed in this room.

walls of mochi

cpy wall of mochi 2

cpy wall of mochi 1

i did tell lorent (susan's son) that laura and i both fantasize about stuffing our mattresses with mochi. it's so soft! and to be suspicious if i leave the building looking pregnant. LOL!

susan and me with sausalito in hands

cpy susan me

(she told me to grab a couple for the photo and totally laughed when i picked up my favorite colorway which will be called mediterrean-similar to neptune)

and i couldn't resist taking a picture with the gorgeous entrelac scarf that debi (corirallen on rav) knit as a sample for susan. the yarn is mochi plus, bodega bay. of course, i checked out the workmanship on the backside. i'm bad that way. =)

cpy scarf 2

it was a wonderful visit. it was fun to finally meet susan and cathy in person. the internet is an interesting place in that we all "chat" with people and get to know them online, while rarely ever meeting them in the flesh.

and yes, susan sent me home with a very generous "goodie bag" filled with yarn and needles. and no, it was not all mini mochi! LOL! i think my favorite is the sausalito in half moon bay (similar to bogeda bay). she just got in some sample skeins. squeeeeeeeeeee....

* sausalito is two-ply, but the two strands will match as much as possible so the yarn will knit in long gradual color changes (not tweedy), just like the mini mochi. the colorways are similar to the mini mochi but will have different names. it's amazing how changing the number of plies changes the look of the colors. it's going to be perfect for socks!