Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"joy of sox"

i think that i mentioned last year that i had a sock design accepted for a new sock book being published by lark books which will be available this fall.

well, lark books wants to know how obsessed you are with socks and has put up a poll here. deadline for the poll is march 15th. i saw a list of the other designers! i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy.

go take the poll. the results will be published in The Joy of Sox: 30+ Must Knit Designs. my answers were totally pathetic and will never be revealed.

edited to try and fix link! thanks, katie k! i just tried it and it now works.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

why i almost never finish

...a pair.

since january, i have managed to finish almost 3 pairs of socks. pretty good, huh?

first, socks for my bil's christmas present. what? christmas was two months ago? hey, i gave him one sock and the yarn to make the mate. what more could he want? he did say that i forgot to include needles. oh well.

then, while i was waiting for the yarn to do some new designs, i joined the leyburn sock kal over at the socks that rawk ravelry group. being that i can't leave well enough alone (and also due to that fact that my 5 stitch quilted lattice looked lousy), i found two other patterns using the same/similar stitch and came up with...

"i am not a lemming, "green", crystalline leyburn socks"
the 3 stitch quilted lattice is from the green merino socks
the cable is adapted from the crystalline socks
the leyburn is just so i can say i am doing the kal

yarn: str, medium in cobblestone county
one of my first bmfa purchases
us 2 (2.75mm) on leg, us 1.5 (2.5mm) on foot

then i finished one of these.

"time in a bottle"
february sotm club kit for
my design

meilenweit arizona #57o7
us 1 (2.25mm) needles
gauge: 9 sts & 12 rows/inch

if you are keeping count with me, that makes 2 pairs. ok, close. i am almost to the toe of the "leyburn".

and then i have this "pair."

on the left is the sock for the may sotm club kit for
on the right is the leg of the april luxury sock club kit for

yeah, sneaky black and white photo so you can't see anything.

yeah! THREE PAIRS OF SOCKS! i know, i worked so hard to make matching jasmine mitts and then i have all these mismatched pairs of socks. d'OH! but i really don't wear them this way.

did i tell you that i am waiting on some more yarn so i can work on a design for the "50 states/50 socks" cd? "somebody stop meeee!" i'm still working on my noro mystery of marie roger scarf and i NEED my jasmine scarf to wear with my mitts.

**go to socks and more for more info about the "50 states/50 socks" cd. previews of some of the socks are being posted there. **

i am going to stitches west on friday to play at the market. i love breathing in all those fiber fumes! yeah!

so, what's going on in your little corner of the world?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and it takes "four"

to make a "pair!" mostly because i am that way.

i was mostly curious as to whether i could get a matching pair of mitts from one ball of mini-mochi. my first ball of yarn was short a few grams and i could not get a matching color sequence which was why i started the left mitt with another ball of yarn. then i noticed that i could get a matching sequence with the second ball. i found what i thought was the same sequence going the same direction and almost finished the 2nd right mitt when i realized that there was a bluish teal and a purplish teal which were now going in the wrong order. being anal, i frogged my 2nd right mitt and started from the opposite end of the ball (which was what i was originally going to do but obviously didn't). so i've knit one left mitt and three right mitts for a "pair." but hey, they match and i am happy!

jasmine fingerless mitts
mini mochi - neptune rainbow

artsy, f*rtsy, modeled picture

now to knit a "matching" scarf! and some socks!!!