Friday, September 19, 2008

socks that rock!

i am starting to get a feel for how socks that rock knits up by looking at the way the yarn is dyed. i am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. but hurdy gurdy surprised me, in a good way.

hurdy gurdy, skein
socks that rock lightweight

hurdy gurdy, opened

hurdy gurdy, "swatch"
64 sts; knit with us 1.5 (2.5mm) needles
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch

i love the way the colors alternate between a fairly solid stripe and a multi-colored stripe. i am going to have to go through my stash and see which other colors are dyed up this way.

i am also playing with some jabberwocky and this is knitting up fairly typical for this pattern of dyeing. i am posting this for comparison. my moody blues is dyed in a similar manner and knit up similarly to this.

jabberwocky, skein
socks that rock, lightweight

jabberwocky, opened

jabberwocky, "swatch"
64 sts; knit with us 1.5 (2.5mm) needles
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch

the colors of the skeins themselves are very true to life; rich and lucious. i wasn't too sure about that "orange" in hurdy gurdy but it is a wonderful compliment to the burgundy/purple and the blue. i may have to start broadening my color palate.

there is still time to join me over at the carefree holiday (or not) kal (crocheters welcome too). there will be lots of fibery prizes. you should check out the "welcome" drawing prizes. winner of that drawing gets a choice! kal starts on october 1st.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

come on over and play

join me over at carefree holiday (or not) kal. we are holiday knitting or not, depending on your mood. regardless, there will be fun and there will be prizes (yarn and some other goodies). kal runs from oct 1 to nov 30.

kal is limited to 100 people, so if you want to play, you had better head on over soon!

everyone who joins is eligible for the "welcome prize" drawing. mention that i sent you over. yes, it's the brownie point game.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the shop is open!

i signed up to open a shop on ravelry many months ago but have been procrastinating. one reason was i needed to spiff up my patterns, add pictures, and turn them into pdf's. a second reason was i told myself that it would be hard to upload the pdf's onto ravelry and get all the little stuff up. and finally, i really didn't know how much to charge for a pattern. i was almost ready to give my patterns away to anyone who expressed interest in them instead of putting them up on ravelry.

yesterday (after some nudging by a potential customer, hi tunie), i finally got my butt in gear and uploaded my first "for sale" pattern. it was already in pdf; although i did a little spiffing up on it before letting her make her debut!

" 'round robyn's house" is now available for purchase through ravelry. you don't have to be a member of ravelry to purchase this. hopefully, i will be able to set up a link in my sidebar. my knowledge in that area is zilch! now to get some of my other patterns up. "zen garden" is next and then "margaritaville".

and what do modern day scotsmen wear under their kilts?! these guys wore basketball shorts and black undies (hey, the guy was highland flinging and his kilt was flying!). i can' t say for sure about all of them but these were two i could see. much disappointment here in the bellybutton of california.

i haven't forgotten about my "100+ posts" contest. i'm still procrasti... oops! thinking!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

to distract you

...from noticing that my last post WAS my 100th (it depends on what list you are looking at. my dashboard says i have 96 posts but my sidebar adds up to 100 -d"OH!), i want to direct you over to rita at keeping knit simple. she is celebrating a late blogiversary and is giving away some yarn and a cd. go check it out and tell her i sent ya. yes, it's another brownie point drawing.

thank you so much. i will be back with a contest soon. i promise. it will just be more than 100 posts.

oh! went to the scottish highland games over the weekend and i found out what scotsmen wear under their kilts. ya wanna know? come on back later and i'll tell ya!