Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"x" is for

..."xciting!" ok, i am stretching it here.

i was asked by a dear friend to design some socks to promote autism awareness. autism affects one in 110 children. The symbol for autism is a puzzle piece which is featured on the heel flap. the mosaic pattern on the leg, hopefully, gives a puzzle "flavor" to the socks.

a piece of the puzzle foot rav

heel designed by meagheen ryan

a piece of the puzzle heel rav

mosaic pattern would be fun in a solid and variegate colored yarn

a piece of the puzzle swatch

the pattern for this cute mini sock is included in the download.

"murphy stands up for autism"
designed by meagheen ryan

Murphy Stands up to Autism 1

"a piece of the puzzle" is available for purchase at meagheen's etsy shop for $6. all proceeds from the sale will go the the hollyrod foundation which provides support to children with autism and their family.

thanks to angie kachelmeier for knitting "a piece of the puzzle" and to sally knotwell for knitting "murphy stands up for autism."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

vee three

vee three is now ready for sale at a special introductory price of $4.50 until november 12th. after that date, the price will be $5.50

vee three 4

Knit cuff down with a hybrid heel (mini heel flap/gusset paired with a short row heel). The cables morph into matching lace on the instep with all ending in a “v” before the toe.

Sock shown was knit with Pagewood Farms Denali 4 (dk weight) in JF's Folly.