Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"p" is for

"pretty pleased" with himself! (and a little bit "proud" too!)

i hate sewing in the ends after i finish a project. i especially hate sewing in the ends on cotton dishcloths. my hubby is the dishwasher in the family (and no, you can't have him) and likes using handknit dishcloths. one day, he asked how hard it was to sew those ends in. thus, it became his job to finish off the dishcloths.

a few months later, he asked how hard it was to knit dishcloths. so, i got him a set of knitting needles and cotton yarn and proceeded to teach him how to do the knit stitch, cast on and bind off. This is his third dishcloth. he likes them small.

well, a couple of weeks ago, he came home from work and asked if i had any yarn that could be used to knit a scarf. after overcoming my shock, i asked "why?" he had decided that he wanted to knit one for his co-worker. so, i dug around and found two balls of patons allure in a pretty teal.

hubby is almost done with the scarf and as you can see, he is VERY "proud" of himself. today, we went yarn shopping for more yarn so he can knit a scarf for his mom. (my ulterior motive is to keep him out of MY stash! i am definitely going to have to find better hiding spots for my good stuff!)

the reason for the lei is that he thinks he deserves a trip to hawaii as a reward for finishing his first really big project.

he has even said, "wait, i need to finish this row first!" is that good or what!?!!

he is on his way....

ps. our sons laughed when they saw both of us sitting at the table knitting. their turn will come. they just don't know it yet.