Monday, August 23, 2010

"v" is for

...vanished! LOL! yes, it appears that it's been many months since i've posted.

the last 4 weeks have been very busy design-wise for me. i had a pattern accepted for the iron knitter 2 competition which starts sept 1. had to get a sample sock knitted up and the pattern written. rav group for ik is here.

THEN i was totally tickled to be asked to be a mystery sock (mock) designer for sock knitters anonymous. THEN i got the yarn (i was all excited because this was the first time all year that i have gotten the yarn for the sotm kit more than 1 month ahead of the deadline for the pattern) to design the october sotm kit for which i wanted finished and written up by sept 1. THEN i was asked if i would design the september mock!

3 stealth projects, 2 with definite deadlines BEFORE sept 1! nothing like stress designing! LOL!

but yes, "v" is for victory. my iron knitter pattern has been sent in. (there is still time to sign up for the competiton if you're interested! there are yarny prizes!) my sept mock clues for ska are written up! and i am working on the sock for!

and my hubby is working on his second scarf! yes, he is still knitting. and he has decided that he needs to learn another stitch besides KNIT! purling lessons coming soon. this may be worse than 3 sock designs in one month!

now comes the hard part....waiting for september 1!