Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"i" is for

... itsy-bitsy! ( stretching it, i know!)

"vauvan sukka"
which translates to "train socks" (i think)
my way

kroy sock yarn
us 1.5 needles (2.5mm)
40 sts (probably 3-6 months)

saw these adorable baby socks on ravelry but the pattern is not available. it would have been in finnish anyway (and my knowledge of finnish is even less than german which is virtually non-existent). so what was i to do? why, reverse knit the socks, of course. as per protocol, i knit three socks to get the two. i started off with some leftovers and got to the last 6 rounds of the toe to realize that i would not have enough for a pair (unless i downsize to 32 sts). groan! well, you know me and the frog pond. so, i started all over again with a new skein of yarn. the socks are sooo itsy-bitsy (that they make you want to start talking in a high squeaky voice!).

i may write up my version just so i have a reference for future pairs. i love how they turned out!

in september, we will be having a mystery sock kal over at the carefree kal blog. i have the sock done and just have to write up the clues. let me know if you are interested in playing along. you have to be a member of the blog to receive the clues.


they've grown a lot in 2 days. still looking like plucked chickens.