Wednesday, April 25, 2007

lavender rose

i've finished knitting my secret project socks. they will be the june sotm club kit for the knitter. i just have to write up the pattern! yeah! a real small "just."

meanwhile, i have just started another secret project for south west trading company. i have one of the new colors! and i am knitting....SOCKS! haha!

i have not progressed much on my "lilacs in burgundy" so there is no sense in showing you the same picture again.

since i can't show you what i am currently knitting, i thought i would leave you with this beautiful lavender colored rose that i have in my yard (and it smells good too!).

Friday, April 20, 2007


i am playing with a sample of "maizy" which is a new yarn from crystal palace yarns. it is made from CORN fiber and elastic nylon. can you believe it?! CORN! it's not as soft as the panda cotton but seems to be better than the older cotton yarns. it will be a wonderful substitute for people who cannot tolerate any wool at all and would probably make some wonderful summer socks. there looks to be some "guy" colors too.

i can't believe that i am really swatching this yarn.
i am bad and almost never swatch for socks.

i also have a small ball of the new panda silk (wool, bamboo, & silk). i haven't tried knitting with it yet but i already know that it will be one of my favorite for luxury socks.

i have put aside my "lilac" socks because i am working on a secret project which needs to be completed and pattern written up by the end of the month.

so, since i can't show you any socks, howsabout a photo of my lovely orchid?! i bought the plant at my children's elementary school's flea market i can't say how many years ago. the plant is still alive! and blooming. it must be a sturdy species!

au naturalle

special effects courtesy of photoshop
i think it's kind of cute

Thursday, April 12, 2007

mail call

carola in germany wanted some yarn from the us and wanted to know if i would want to swap for some german yarn. how could i say no? so, i sent her some str and tofutsies (along with a pattern she requested) and LOOK AT WHAT I GOT in return!!!

from left to right: wollmeisen "am kalten polar" and two skeins from drachenwolle which she had specially dyed. i really love the gray, teal, and lavender skein. (i have been wanting something in those colors and the weirdest thing is i didn't tell her that. carola must be a mind reader!) and the other skein is so "spring" that it makes me feel happy.

and she sent chocolate too!

she also sent this cute little sock for my key ring.

i am impressed!

thank you, carola! you are the sweetest! yeah, the new yarn calls. i may not get to finishing my second "lilac in burgundy" sock just yet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

looking for lisa!

calling lisa from sacramento, california! i have some panda cotton i want to send to you! please contact me with your snail mail addy and let me know if you want the "rosewater" or "seascape" colorway.

one "lilac" sock is finished. i really like the knitpicks' gloss (merino/silk). it's soft and has a nice sheen. i modified the pattern by using a hemmed picot cuff; carrying the pattern down the heel and the instep; and doing a jazzy toe! isn't it "too cute"?!

on the left is the front:

on the right is a close-up of the toe:

below is a photo showing the cute clog heel:
(the color is most accurate in this picture)

now, i just need to knit the second sock!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

lilac kal

the knitpicks gloss in burgundy, which i received in a swap (hi, annie...waving arms wildly in the air) last year ,told me that it wanted to be a pair of "lilac" socks. i think they will be very elegant! the gloss is very soft. i like it!

modifications: hemmed picot cuff instead of ribbing
2.25mm needles
64 sts cuff/68 sts in leg

we are doing a "lilac" kal over at townsendsocksknitalong. jeanie designed this gorgeous sock and has offered it to the group! come on over and join us!

Monday, April 2, 2007

the winner is

... still a secret!

i've gotta thank steph and barbara in nh for picking some of my other patterns as faves! i really wanted to give you brownie points but i played fair.

may i present the "JAR" which contains all your names!
i know, really hi-tech but it is about my speed.

and the winner of two balls of panda cotton in rosewater is...

in california

congratulations, lisa! but wait! my hand is reaching into the jar again! what's going on?! here is another name...

in ohio

YES! there are TWO winners! susan from cpy has been watching and is donating 2 more balls of panda cotton for my contest. i haven't received them yet; so i can't tell you if the color will also be "rosewater" or
one of the other gorgeous panda cotton colors.

so, lisa and karen, please email me at ajmcfong at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addy and i will send these little babies out to their new homes. lisa, let me know if you want the surprise color or the rosewater.

thank you for all your nice comments. it does a heart good! and you have made my week very exciting. i hope you all come back and visit again. i have plans for more giveaways. i have some panda wool waiting for the next contest. there were so many duplicate names; it was truly a challenge to keep you all straight!