Tuesday, May 6, 2008

lots going on!

i finished my "mystic lights in foggy san francisco" last week and have it all blocked out. i love lace just because i love seeing a scrunchy ball of mess turn into something beautiful. the yarn did soften up some after a bath and vinegar soak. it's still a little on the scratchy side but the colorway makes up for it. love the yarn as a shawl!

size: 60"x25"



yarn: kauni - ec
needles: us 6 (knitpicks options)
finished size: 64"x30"

had empty needles (socks don't count) so decided to try entrelac. i found 4 skeins of noro #93 that i had purchased a few years ago. i wasn't really thrilled with the colors but the yarn was half-off so who' s going to complain. i figured that it would be nice as a felted bag if nothing else. well, let me tell you, entrelac makes this yarn gorgeous!!!! i didn't realize that the colors were like a muted rainbow! i love the scarf and i am enjoying entrelac. i even figured out how to knit backwards. still haven't mastered k2tog from the opposite side yet but hey!

after knitting one ball of noro
needles: us 8 (knitpicks options)

backside (for debi. don't ask me why.)

and after much nagging, i also started this:

"everybody's knittin' it, knittin' it!"
swallowtail shawl

yarn: newton country cashmere/merino (fingering wt)
needles: us 6 (denise interchangeables)

pattern is currently free as a download over here; but you all probably knew that already.

i got to go the article pract in oakland last week too. tell you about my visit next post.


PurlingPirate said...

So much envy in this post!!!

Your shawl turned out gorgeous!!!

Love the scarf, I haven't tried entrelac yet.

Soooo want to do the swallowtail scarf. Have the pattern and the yarn. Someday!!

debi's place said...

Your shawl is very nice. You did a wonderful job on it.

Your entralac is also coming along nicely. Wow amazing work. I being Debi wanted to see if the back had a nice finished look to it.

Waiting on details about your trip. When did you ever have the time.

Can't wait to see the scarf done. Oh and really can't wait to see the Swallowtail shawl completed.