Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"joy of sox"

i think that i mentioned last year that i had a sock design accepted for a new sock book being published by lark books which will be available this fall.

well, lark books wants to know how obsessed you are with socks and has put up a poll here. deadline for the poll is march 15th. i saw a list of the other designers! i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy.

go take the poll. the results will be published in The Joy of Sox: 30+ Must Knit Designs. my answers were totally pathetic and will never be revealed.

edited to try and fix link! thanks, katie k! i just tried it and it now works.


Katie K said...

The link to the poll doesn't work (at least not in Safari).

peacockmom said...

The concept of your name with the phrase "not worthy" is an oxymoron. Your designs are terrific and your patterns are written beautifully and even have extra "tips" for techniques that I frequently use now. Your design would be the reason to buy the book! :)

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations! I'm off to check out the poll...

Anonymous said...

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