Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"b" is for

...bada bling! i think i overdid the bling for arkansas. i have been in denial the whole way down the leg, the heel flap (though i do like the sparklies on the flap!), the gusset, and starting down the foot.

so, i have this version on hold and have started another version with "just a little bling"!

just some sparklies on the cuff and 3 in the middle of each motif.
i will miss the glitzy heel flap.

if anyone wants to see me, i'll be down at the frog pond. someone pass me the pitcher....


peacockmom said...

Bravo! BETTER without the BooBoo of too much Bling. Big improvement with just a BIT on the cuff. Brazen, aren't I?! LOL about being in denial while you were knitting with the beads. Can I ever relate to that!
B is for Brilliant sock design. But then, I might be a bit Biased since I am Beguiled and Boggled by your abilities to design Beautiful socks.
A bit (or Big splash) of Bailey's in your coffee at the frog pond?

Deborah said...

You could just break off the beads that you don't want and then you wouldn't have to frog...just an idea...Nice pattern!

Jeanne said...

I don't know - I sort of like the full bling version - beautiful pattern, though - and gorgeous yarn!

Nell said...

B for beautiful. Even if you have to redo.

maureen said...

It's unfair that you have me drooling over these sox and i have soooolong to wait until publication

I think they are sigulary the loveliest sox i have ever seen

Andrew said...

Really awesome work..simply superb..

I like this blog..

Thanks for sharing...