Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"f" for

..."fluffy, fun, fiber!"

lookie what i got in the mail from my "best friend" , susan (crystal palace yarns). YES! mochi plus in my favorite color. it is a new addition to my "stuff the mattress with mini-mochi and mochi-plus" campaign. for some reason, i can never capture the richness of the colors. the colors are more saturated than the photo. thinking these will make a beautiful scarf.

and i won a blog contest over at http://www.danido.com!

dani also has an etsy shop http://danidocrafty.etsy.com

she has a sock yarn club where her inspiration comes from "great rock 'n roll." the colorway i won is called "one beat." pretty, huh?! she also included some swag. thank you, dani!


Breien in Lansingerland said...

You are one lucky lady with the beautiful yarns ;-)

Anonymous said...

Really nice to see this..nice design..great work..

Thanks for sharing..
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