Thursday, August 20, 2009

"k" is for


my mystery sock kal starts tomorrow. wish me luck! i've never lead a mystery kal before. and i found the pattern was much more work to write up than a regular pattern. but then i do tend to make things a tad more "jazzy" than required. and yes, that was a hint. LOL! you should be scared! :op

bigger but still ugly


AngieK said...

We LIKE "jazzy", Adrienne! :D

peacockmom said...

The pattern is written in your usual excellent style. Both socks finished as far as the clue would allow. Wonderful!!! Thanks so much for making the effort for all of us. Is it too soon in terms of your energy level to ask if this will be an annual event? LOL Hugs from Oz-

Shirley Hooper said...

Almost finished with Clue #5...these are just too sexy...and I luv, luv, luv 'em!!!