Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"r" is for

REALLY BIG NEWS! "bling! bling!" is available!

the 50 socks/50 states cd/book has finally been released and can be purchased directly from the publisher here and should soon be available in your lys (if they carry crystal palace yarn). there are 58 sock patterns crammed onto this one little cd!

dr laura is holding a drawing for a copy or two of the cd so head on over there and leave a comment. winner will be drawn on january 24th.

i also have an extra copy for a drawing, so come on back soon after i figure out how i want to "torture" you. :)

we are having a kal for the socks in the cd/book over on rav. currently voting on which socks to knit first. of course, there will be prizes. check it out if you are interested.

and there is a 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn kal on the carefree blog. i joined but i don't expect to last very long. i am so easily distracted. LOL!

ps. yes, i know i skipped "q"! and i realize that i have been a very bad blogger...but you should see my stack of scarves and shawlettes!!!!!!!!!!!!


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

don't make me look it up on my CD, but what pattern is the sock?
Looks great!

peacockmom said...

Hi DocM,
Her pattern state is Arkansas. I voted for this sock in the KAL on rav's 50 socks-50 states group. I'm hoping it wins and we can all knit it together. Gorgeous, isn't it?!
Join us if you have not already-- :)

katjconsult said...

I am SO asking for this cd for my birthday! I'll consider it destashing because I have tons of yarn that will looks awesome in those designs. WOW what a wonderful job you all did designing them.

deyaneria said...

Those are awesome I love them. I went looking for the "book" not realizing after seeing some of the patterns on ravelry that it was a cd. The people at borders and barnes and noble were a bit confused as well.