Tuesday, January 16, 2007

there is ICE in my birdbath!

it is 10:30 am in the bellybutton of california. we are NOT suppose to have ICE.

US 6 needles
40 sts instead of 45
patons classic wool in denim

this is my fourth pair of fetching. i extended the "fingers" and added a thumb gusset which seems to make the wrister fit better. i have gifted all four pairs but will definitely need a pair for myself if our cold spell continues! HEY! THIS IS SUNNY CALIFORNIA! did you see the ice in my birdbath?!

i think i am going to frog the sideways socks and let the pattern and yarn marinate a bit longer. i don't think that the garter cuff is going to fit very well and i don't want to waste my time or yarn on something that will not fit. i will try again but am thinking about picking up stitches from the cuff edge and knitting a regular ribbed cuff. do you think that would work?

to those of you who are really in the bad weather area of the us, my thoughts are with you. i hope all of you get your power back soon. stay safe.

thank you to those of you who have dropped by and left comments. i truly appreciate them.



That's strange, we've had an unseasonably warm winter. I was upset that I haven't been able to use many of my cold weather clothes and knits.

I have yet to make Fetching. Though I think I might at some point. Too many things to do for now though.

Barbara said...

Hi - I'm so excited to find your blog! Hands down you're my favorite sock pattern designer.

I'm in central New Hampshire and until this week, we couldn't figure why everyone else in the country was getting *our* weather. Given that it's a balmy 9 degrees right now, I think our weather has found us.

Kerry said...

I absolutely love your fetching!!! The color is gorgeous and you did such a great job knitting them!