Tuesday, January 9, 2007

welcome to the bellybutton of california

happy new year! and welcome to my blog. what better way to start a new year than with a new project. i am, of course, referring to the blog. i figure that knitting projects really don't count as they are on-going (although i do have some that seem to "GO ON & ON & ON...).

i'm not sure what i am doing so bear with me as i learn how to add photos and such to the site. lucky for me, i still have a kid at home who, of course, is knowledgeable about all things in blogland. i know i am going to need a lot of HELP!

i am doing a sideways sock kal with a sister group of townsendsocksknitalong. i am using opal rainforest flamingo and like how the stripes are coming out. i have frogged more times than i want to admit. the leg was too long, then i didn't like the heel decreases, then i didn't like the heel decreases again and again. i think everything is ok for now.

if you want to join the fun, the group is here:

the pattern is here:

here is a still life of "sideways sock with christmas cactus in bloom." as you can see, i don't have much sock.

and what better way to start a year than to receive a prize in the mail! crystal
had one more prize from her christmas contest and generously sent it to ME! she sent me 2 skeins of passport venice in pink, a skein of valley yarn berkshire in burgundy, & a bernat cool crochet in chocolate. i see scarves in my future.

i've got to get back to writing up the pattern for the sock i'm designing for the knitter's sotm club. besides, i've stressed myself (& the kid) enough with this first post.

thanks for visiting.



I'm so honored to be a part of your first entry!! The Passport yarn is discontinued. Actually, the whole company no longer exists. I'll be checking in and commenting regularly, it'll be fun to see what you are up to!

Annie in MT said...

Yea, Adrienne! I love your sideways sock with the cactus flower photo, very nice! Congratulations on your new venture, I will be looking forward to seeing more! And if any visitors don't know already, Adrienne is an AWESOME knitter/designer.
Annie in MT :o)

Terry & Jonesy said...

Congratulations on getting your blog up and running! I'll be back (kinda like our governator Arnold).
Terry - anchored off the beach in La Cruz, Mexico

Tina said...

Hi Adrienne, congratulations on your blog! It gets easier from post to post, you'll see. I too love your sideways sock still life.
Take care!

Marguerite said...

Welcome to blogging. Hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed mine.

Love the name you selected. Perfect! I'll be back to check how you're doing.

Bobbi said...

I was just giving up the idea of having the sideways socks be the right project for me; now after your efforts, I will still give it the old college try. Thanks for the inspiration, Bobbi in the Sole of California

Shelley said...

Welcome to Blogland! Love the name of your URL and the blog; so cute!

mari said...

Look at you with 7 comments already on your first post! I must say, of all the first posts I have been looking at, that is a first. :)