Saturday, August 25, 2007

someone else is celebrating

rachel will be celebrating her almost one year blogiversary! it's really in october but she is really excited so decided to start the celebrating early. go over and tell her the name of your blog and why you decided on that name. it's fun to read the comments. you might win some cute stitch markers that she made herself.

of course, she may have so much fun with this that she will celebrate again in october! we can hope!

and please mention that i sent you...yes, brownie point entries.

back to finishing that 3rd design for bmfa. good thing i like knitting with str! (no peeking, p-la!)

edited to add: check out golden purl for her 6 month blogiversary contest (august 4th entry). she's got some great prizes. once again, she's giving brownie point entries for telling her i sent you.

1 comment:

PurlingPirate said...

Argh!!! Now you're just doing it on purpose!!! Better watch it, I'll be peeking in your window!