Friday, August 17, 2007

sos! for "set of socks!" and i can now claim a successful "summer of socks"!!!

yes, i've finally finished a pair of socks! may i present...

"peony-the remix"
(the pair of socks that would have one toe)

tofutsies #733
us 1 (2.25mm) leg/us 0 (2 mm) foot
gauge: 10 sts/inch on 2 mm needles
modifications: knit large size pattern for medium sock
carried pattern down toe


those toes were going to be the death of me. i easily finished the first sock but then got distracted by three little skeins of yarn from bmfa for 3 new designs. i was also trying to work on the design for the "sos" contest. i guess "peony" must have gotten jealous because i could not finish the toe of the mate. first, i counted the squares to the toe decreases WRONG! can you believe it? i completely finished kitchenering that baby and put the sock on. hm-m. something wrong here. seems a little short. square short. ok, frog and try again. oops! a little too long. dang! started the decreases on the wrong row. frog again. knit toe again. start kitchenering ...number of stitches is not the same on the instep and the sole. frog pond time again. let's try this one more time; i finally got it!

i personally thought i was insane to use 2 mm needles for the foot but i really like the fabric i got. tofutsies is so much thinner than the other fingering wt sock yarns. i will continue to knit it using a smaller gauge. however, for designing, i may not go smaller than 8.5-9 sts/inch. i don't know how many people want to cast on 72-80 sts for a pair of socks.

question: would you knit socks that have a cast-on of 72-80 or more sts? just curious.

design for the "summer of socks" contest is almost ready to send in. just have to take some pics and polish the pattern up. i actually have finished the pair for this too but am not posting yet.

two pairs of socks done!!! actually 3 pairs if you count two mismatched socks as a pair and that would definitely count if you were dobby...yes, i am reading harry potter. hey, p-la!! show me some socks!


Cindy said...

Pretty! I usually do 64 stitches on size 1.5 or 2 U.S. needles. But for the thinner yarns, I use a size 1 needle and cast on 72 stitches. Haven't used Tofutsies yet, though I do have some in my stash. :)

More stitches do take more time to finish, but it also gives more flexibility in what stitch patterns can be accomplished, which makes it interesting. :)

Stacey_Poor said...

i had a knee hi pattern that called for 72 sts cast on. I dind't mind the sts count, but HATED my size 2 bamboo needles i was using for the wool. Is that weird? So now i'm waiting on some metal ones to arrive in the mail so i can try again.

Love the socks!

PurlingPirate said...

Way to go!!!!
Socks? There are no socks here! A beret, yes. A sweater, yes. Socks? Alas, no socks. But yours are great!!! Woo-hoo!!

AfternoonMoon said...

Yes, I would make a sock with 72 cast on. But only in the winter. My attention span on things going on inside is longer when it is cold out.

Anne said...

Yes, I'd do 72 stitches (am doing this now, in fact, for my Hogwarts sock swap pal) but probably not more. Congratulations on sos! (we have named our new kitten Dobby so now I'll have an excuse to knit mismatched socks).

sprite said...

I'd cast on as many stitches as necessary if I liked the rest of the pattern. Good luck!