Wednesday, November 28, 2007

busy month

well, it's been a busy month here in the bellybutton. but i don't seem to have much to show you...yet. i got the yarn for theknitter's november luxury sock club kit around the time i went missing. it wasn't judy's fault that the yarn was late. i already had a design in mind for the yarn and everything came together very well. the colors and design compliment each other perfectly (if i do say so myself). judy and i selected some colors and let the indie dyer do her thing. it was kind of scary because the dyer does not do a prototype colorway so what you see is what you get. i also made the leg on my sample a bit too long so i ran out of yarn byjustthismuch (so my sock does not quite fit me). not to worry. the pattern has taken my shortage into account. the kits are arriving now so i should be able to post a picture next week.

i also designed theknitter's december sotm club kit. i hope that you don't get "bellybutton" overload this month! i designed the sock last year but judy and i couldn't find colors that worked. i had the pattern written up so i should have been able to just knit the sock for the photo but no! i had to tweak the pattern some more which then entailed a major rewrite. i added a larger size so that required more head-scratching, math, and more rewrite. i finally got that pattern off to judy for test knitting last week. can't show you this one.

then, i did a rewrite for blue moon fiber arts. nope, can't show you that one either.

here is one i can show you. it's a unisex design written in 4 sizes for crystal palace yarns. i sent it to susan a couple of weeks ago. it's hard to see the pattern stitch in the dark yarn but it's there. i was undecided about naming the pattern. i thought that the stitch looked like hershey kisses so was leaning towards "panda kisses" but susan wanted something hawaiian. well, hershey kisses and volcanoes look a lot alike to me! (besides, what kinda guy is going to appreciate wearing a pair of "panda kisses"?!) so, may i present....


panda wool "nightshades" now with more yardage! (186 yds/50 gm)
us size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch

i swatched it up in a lighter color so you can see the stitch better. it has enough going not to be a boring knit but not so much as to distract from the yarn. i will let you know when the pattern is available.

and i have a secret but i can't tell yet. my lips are sealed. oh, i am so excited!!!!!!!!

i hope that all of you here in the us of a had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

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IrishgirlieKnits said...

Such a pretty sock! Love it!