Thursday, November 8, 2007

wayback machine

kitkatknit is having a "wayback machine" contest.

i didn't have a blog a year ago but i do believe that i was working on a pair of regia socks for my co-worker/manager. it was a surprise so i was just guessing as to size. i kitchenered the toes but left a length of yarn in case i needed to lengthen the socks. i put a BIG note that he was to return the socks so i could "finish" them; ie weave in the ends if they fit OR shorten/lengthen them if need be.

well, i didn't hear anything from him. i finally asked him about the socks. "oh, they fit but i didn't know what to do with the ends so ... i cut them OFF!" DUH!!!! READ THE NOTE!!!! sometimes, he scares me.

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Rachel said...

MEN! See, your problem was leaving directions. Men never read directions.