Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a little bit of sunshine

thank you for the get-well wishes. i am feeling better but still have the desire to go to bed early and sleep late. this is one humdinger of a virus. the first few days, i didn't even want to knit! now you know how bad it is.

as i mentioned before, i ran out of yarn when knitting the original "zen garden" sock. i asked my buddy, barbara (president of my fan club of 2 LOL), if she would send me her left-overs from her kit as i needed a few more yards to lengthen my foot just a bit. she is a speedy knitter and emailed last week that she was sending the yarn . well, i received an envelope that was slightly too big for a couple of yards of yarn.

look at what she sent me! it's a skein of seacoast handpainted yarn from her home state of new hampshire. it's so spring-like! it cheered me up and made me feel better instantly! she also tucked in a bar of handmade soap from whisper hill soaps. and she also sent her left-over yarn so i can finish up my pair of "zen garden" for ME to wear. thank you, barbara!

i did manage to finish my first pair of socks for 2008. these are for my brother's birthday last year. yeah, i'm slow. i had almost finished one "crosswalkers" so had him try the sock on when we got together for the holidays. the sock was not going to work. he had a hard time pulling the sock on. and the toe on the instep side was too long and on the sole side was too short. that sock went to live in the frog pond before i took a picture of it.

my own design for ribbed anklet
opal - unknown colorway (from an abo kit a couple of years ago)

72 sts/us 1.5 needles (2.5mm)
gauge: 9 sts/ inch
identical twins (my brother is very conservative.
i am just hoping he will wear these stripey colors. i wasn't going to try fraternal.)

blogiversary contest coming up. check back. i'm still thinking.

ps. i have a really big secret which i will be able to share with you soon. i am about ready to burst!


PurlingPirate said...

You and your really big secrets!!! I can't wait to find out what it is!

corirallen said...

Well, I hope your "fan club" gets the news soon.
Take care,

Lisa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and I can't wait to hear your secret!