Monday, March 10, 2008

it's hatched!

it's finally undergone its transformation from mystery stole 3 to "swan lake"! and it only took 8 months almost to the day (actually finished binding off friday night)!! sad but true. but it is finished. i am anxious to see the shawl blocked and in all its glory. i did miss one of the beads on the edging so am trying to decide if i should just leave it or figure out a way to add one now. being me, i will probably try to figure out how to add it on.

in other news, i have a new sock pattern available for your knitting pleasure over at crystal palace yarns. "kilauea" has just been posted. go on over and take a look. i want to thank barbara for knitting a sample in panda silk (so you can see the stitch better). she told me it was "total torture" having to knit with the yarn (she loved every minute of it!!!!)


CONTEST ALERT!!! secret word is "malabrigo." i have touched it and it is soft. i want some! (i don't know why i am telling you. it may lessen my chances for winning.) head on over to mariknits who is celebrating a blogiversary. leave her a link to your first post. i get "brownie points" if you let her know i sent cha over. (i knew there was a reason why i would tell you!)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Gorgeous shawl Adrienne! Can't wait to see it blocked!

And the sock is fabulous! Great job! I just finished my first serendipity sock...second sock should be done soon :)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I was just talking to Leslie about how you were almost done w/your MS3. Love the dark version - Odile instead of Odette.

Yeah on Kilauea! I bet one of the reddish STR Ravens would look cool in that pattern. That is if I don't end up getting a Panda Silk to try.