Friday, March 14, 2008

ten "new" things

robyn will be celebrating 1000 blog posts in the next week or two. she has made march a "slow" month where she is trying not to spend money (can you imagine trying not to spend money?!). her challenge is for us to post 10 things that we bought but have never used. my first thought was to post 10 skeins of sock yarn but i think that would defeat the purpose of her challenge. so here are my ten things:

  1. rotary cutter and mat (for when i start quilting. my sil gave me some fabric and a pattern about 3 christmases ago)
  2. a boucle cardigan knit kit (bought at my first stitches west market about 6 years ago - still in cute plastic bag)
  3. tote led clip light (for knitting in the dark)
  4. eye shadow (a girl cannot have enough colors)
  5. a set of good steak knives (why use the good ones when we still have bad ones?!)
  6. set of knit picks options (i haven't taken them out to check if all the cables and needles screw in properly yet)
  7. hand made soap (just cause it smells like chocolate=yum)
  8. purse size burt's bees hand lotions (perfect purse size)
  9. tape measure (in case i lose the other ones i have open)
  10. nail polish ( see #4)
  11. bonus: macintosh apples waiting for robyn to post recipe for apple cake (HINT! HINT!)
and to divert your attention from my stuff; look at what i made for dessert the other night.

upside-down apple pie made with golden delicious and braeburn apples. absolutely yummy warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. NOW IF I ONLY HAD THAT RECIPE FOR ROBYN'S MIL'S APPLE CAKE, I COULD USE THOSE MACINTOSH APPLES.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I am going upstairs RIGHT NOW to get my MIL's apple cake recipe. Sean's playing at his grandma's house (my mom's) so I have time and no kid stuck to my leg. I will email it you, since I only blog at the end of the evening.... :)

Congrats you are entered into my contest! Keep commenting, I'm still looking for commenter number 3616!

Violiknit said...

Ooh, that is a yummy looking pie! I hope you break out the nice steak knives soon; I just got new ones, and I'm very happy!

tapmouse said...

Let me guess, Adrienne--you *really* want that apple cake recipe, right?