Monday, July 28, 2008

i'm almost finished

...with my swallowtail shawl. i just need to weave in the ends and give it a bath and a stretch. i was getting bored with the shawl for some reason. maybe the nupps (yes, i did the nupps) were subtly driving me nuts. photos after i block it.

i also finished a market bag for my mil. i gave it to her before taking a pix. all market bags basically look the same and it is a boring beige so you aren't missing much. she did comment that it didn't look very big but my hubby, in turn, asked her how much can she carry at one time anyway! she doesn't know how much that bag is going to stretch!


well, how would you like to win some flat feet yarn? go visit darcy and leave her a comment. if you would be so kind as to mention that you were referred by me, i would greatly appreciate it. yes, brownie point entries here. contest ends august 8th at midnight her time. of course, if you win, you send the yarn to me. (yeah, right!)

and dr laura is hosting a olympic sox competiton of sorts. she has prizes. go check it out!

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T. said...

I did the nupps when I made mine and wasn't loving the experience!