Tuesday, September 2, 2008

to distract you

...from noticing that my last post WAS my 100th (it depends on what list you are looking at. my dashboard says i have 96 posts but my sidebar adds up to 100 -d"OH!), i want to direct you over to rita at keeping knit simple. she is celebrating a late blogiversary and is giving away some yarn and a cd. go check it out and tell her i sent ya. yes, it's another brownie point drawing.

thank you so much. i will be back with a contest soon. i promise. it will just be more than 100 posts.

oh! went to the scottish highland games over the weekend and i found out what scotsmen wear under their kilts. ya wanna know? come on back later and i'll tell ya!

1 comment:

rita said...

Thanks for blogging my contest! I am sooo slow....

I'm trying to think of an intriguing pattern for your contest, but so far, nada.