Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the shop is open!

i signed up to open a shop on ravelry many months ago but have been procrastinating. one reason was i needed to spiff up my patterns, add pictures, and turn them into pdf's. a second reason was i told myself that it would be hard to upload the pdf's onto ravelry and get all the little stuff up. and finally, i really didn't know how much to charge for a pattern. i was almost ready to give my patterns away to anyone who expressed interest in them instead of putting them up on ravelry.

yesterday (after some nudging by a potential customer, hi tunie), i finally got my butt in gear and uploaded my first "for sale" pattern. it was already in pdf; although i did a little spiffing up on it before letting her make her debut!

" 'round robyn's house" is now available for purchase through ravelry. you don't have to be a member of ravelry to purchase this. hopefully, i will be able to set up a link in my sidebar. my knowledge in that area is zilch! now to get some of my other patterns up. "zen garden" is next and then "margaritaville".

and what do modern day scotsmen wear under their kilts?! these guys wore basketball shorts and black undies (hey, the guy was highland flinging and his kilt was flying!). i can' t say for sure about all of them but these were two i could see. much disappointment here in the bellybutton of california.

i haven't forgotten about my "100+ posts" contest. i'm still procrasti... oops! thinking!


debi's place said...

Congrats on opening the shop. I wish you great success. Your patterns are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne,
The Round Robyn's House sock is turning our gorgeous! Your directions are excellent and clearly written in an easy to follow format.

I am looking forward to knitting many more of your patterns.

"Good on 'ya" as they say here in the land down under. :)

tapmouse said...

You know, how the heck did I miss all these Belly Button Knits posts?! Geez! Well, you needed to email me directly about your new Rav shop!
CONGRATS! And I think I will need to go support you!