Friday, October 10, 2008

started something new

here is a progress shot of hermione's cable and eyelets hat (as seen in the movie "harry potter and the half-blood prince"). it will be for my niece who devoured all the harry potter books on the first night they were released...reading into the wee hours of the morning. i guess you could say she loves! harry potter. i am using a very machine washable woolease as she is now a college freshman, responsible for doing her own laundry. i am not sure who was responsible for her laundry last year but she said she was NOT responsible for shrinking the horcrux socks i made her for christmas. i have learned my lesson.

i am still working on the mitered windowpane socks. gladys has posted part 3 of her tutorial. i am not there yet. i figure that i will do maybe 6 to 7 tiers before i get to the heel.

isn't this just too cute?!

don't forget to leave a comment on my contest post if you want to be in the drawing for some socks that rock yarn!


Knitting Linguist said...

Great hat! I really should knit something from that book for my older daughter (who also read that last HP in the 24 hours after its midnight release -- which we were at). :)

Jeanne said...

Great hat - very pretty! Love the socks thought - great color, great pattern!

Anne said...

Love the hat! It's gone right in my queue. After knitting 3 house scarves I went off HP knitting for a while, but maybe it's time to go back.

Maria said...

Adrienne, I tagged you! Go to my blog to find out more!

Nell said...

She's going to love that hat!

Anonymous said...

Since you were going to announce the winner today when you woke up, it looks like you're really sleeping in today! Love, the hat and socks.

adrienne said...

dear anonymous

i didn't say that i was going to announce a winner. i said i was going to close the drawing.

since it took me so long to come up with an idea for the contest, it may take me a while to announce a winner.

i'm mean that way! grin!

so keep checking!