Monday, March 12, 2007

pretty in pink

i've gotten the panda cotton out of my system.

may i present...

"menehune cobblestones"
my design to be available from crystal palace yarns

panda cotton in rosewater
2.5mm needles/gauge 9 sts/inch

as you can see from the photo, i didn't have much yarn left. there is about 3 yds in that little pile. i like panda cotton. it is very soft. it can be a bit splitty. i had problems when i knit "hedera" because i had to use a pointy knitpicks needle to knit the lace. however, this sock knit like a dream with the slightly blunter addi's.
if you are interested, i will let you know when the pattern is available for download.

i am almost finished with the gusset decreases on the mate for "monkey" but i do hear the siren call from the panda wool.... will i finish the pair of monkeys or... i am SO weak!


Laura said...

That sock is beautiful :) I would love to know when the pattern is available :)

Jules said...

Beautiful work!

Holly said...

Good job; lovely Spring color.

Diane said...

Love the sock

Abigail said...

I agree with Laura! The pattern would be welcome in my home.

The sock is just lovely.

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Hi Adrienne -

Your wonderful new sock pattern is now UP on our site. Thank you so much for designing a great looking sock and for taking the excellent photos, too!

The link is here, but it's also linked in the Sock Index and Free Patterns link, too.

We're looking forward to Design #2!

Susan at CPY

K. Anne said...

I like this design!