Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"the road to hana!"

i wish i really was on "the road to hana!" but, alas (with big sigh), i am not. although, i really can't complain. we have been experiencing some beautiful early spring weather here in the bellybutton.

"the road to hana" is the march sotm kit from theknitter that i teased you with in january. my favorite knit of cables and lace TOGETHER! and in one of my favorite color combinations (trekking #187) ...how much better can it get?! (and no, i didn't even try matching the striping. hey, i did mention that this was trekking!) these will be for my mom who kept telling me how nice the socks were every time she saw them. can she hint or what?! i kinda did want to keep them for me.

"road to hana"
my design for the knitter sotm club
trekking xxl #187
2.5mm needles
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch

and yes, i am done with one panda wool sock but i can't show you anything because my son "borrowed" my camera. "monkey #2" is almost to the toes!


Tabitha said...

Just got my SOTM from The Knitter and I wanted to tell you I love the design. And the colors you chose are great. Can't wait to get started on it but first I have to finish the two pair I have OTN. Thanks for sharing the great design.

adrienne said...

"road to hana" is one of my favorites! it was a very fun knit; especially in those colors! i'd love to see your finished socks! enjoy!

Steph said...

I Love the pattern. I just got my package from The Knitter today and can hardly wait to start them!I guess I need to free up some needles! Thanks for the great design! *grins*

Laura said...

I am having problems with the pattern, and hope I'm making the mistake. rnd 6 of the Leg Pattern stitch says to move the marker, k3, then place the marker for the beginning of the new round. However, when I work the row it doesn't come out evenly to the end of the repeat. The beginning K3 is throwing me off.

Thanks for a wonderful pattern. I'm so looking forward to seeing the complete - and on my feet!

adrienne said...

hi laura;

you didn't leave me any way to contact you.

i knit the original socks back in january and really don't remember too much. judy had a test knitter and things seemed to be ok.

the first 3 stitches of rnd 6 become the last 3 sts of rnd 6. does that work out? if not, i am going to have to swatch it out.

if this doesn't work, email me at
ajmcfong at yahoo dot com and we can talk some more. ok?

Anne said...

I had some trouble with the same line in the pattern that Laura did & frogged the first sock back to the cuff a number of times. I can't remember how I got this worked out, but I did -- and now have forgotten just in time to work on the second sock. So if anyone gets this figured out I'd love to hear the solution (anne_kaufman at yahoo dotcom). Thanks!!