Tuesday, March 6, 2007

one little monkey jumping on the bed

...he fell off

i decided to get a head start on my gift knitting, so started a pair of monkeys for my sil with the small feet. i don't like 1x1 ribbing so changed that o a hemmed picot cuff; used eop with a garter stitch edge for the heel flap; and am knitting with a 2.25mm needle for a smaller gauge to fit my sil. did i mention she has small feet?

fortissima colori 1000- #437 (it's really a light gray with spots of colors)
64 sts/2.25mm
one done/one to go

well, remember how i mentioned that i had gone to stitches west and had a chat with jonelle of swtc? my curiosity got the better of me and i couldn't resist the call of TOFUtsies. you know what happened to the second monkey...

may i present...


yes, here we have the redo of my "pink peony" sock in TOFUtsies' "stand on your own two feet." i love the names they gave the colors. they make me smile. i am actually done knitting a pair of "peonies." have decided that it would be silly to call these "pink" so will be dropping that on the new pattern. i am rewriting it in two sizes. i liked the TOFUTsies. it is much softer than regia cotton surf and the colors are so FUN!

speaking of regia cotton surf; i also finished a pair for my bil with the wide feet. this was his christmas present. i figure that i am ahead of the game because i finished this before his birthday! the socks are IDENTICAL! i have matching socks! YES!

"menehune cobblestones"
regia cotton surf
72 sts/2.5mm addis
my own design-great for guys and gals
which is being redone in panda cotton & panda wool
pattern will be available at crystal palace yarns soon
i'll let you know when.


Karen said...

Your socks look great!! Where did you get the pattern for the regia cotton surf socks?


Beautiful! Congrats on the matching socks. It's tough to do that.

Karen said...

Thanks for the info about your pattern. I look forward to knitting it.

Carrie said...

and bumped his head! (I love the monkey pattern.) :)