Friday, April 20, 2007


i am playing with a sample of "maizy" which is a new yarn from crystal palace yarns. it is made from CORN fiber and elastic nylon. can you believe it?! CORN! it's not as soft as the panda cotton but seems to be better than the older cotton yarns. it will be a wonderful substitute for people who cannot tolerate any wool at all and would probably make some wonderful summer socks. there looks to be some "guy" colors too.

i can't believe that i am really swatching this yarn.
i am bad and almost never swatch for socks.

i also have a small ball of the new panda silk (wool, bamboo, & silk). i haven't tried knitting with it yet but i already know that it will be one of my favorite for luxury socks.

i have put aside my "lilac" socks because i am working on a secret project which needs to be completed and pattern written up by the end of the month.

so, since i can't show you any socks, howsabout a photo of my lovely orchid?! i bought the plant at my children's elementary school's flea market i can't say how many years ago. the plant is still alive! and blooming. it must be a sturdy species!

au naturalle

special effects courtesy of photoshop
i think it's kind of cute


P-la said...

Corn?!?! What will they think of next??? Looking forward to seeing your secret socks!

Karen said...

I like how that yarn is "speckly", it's very pretty. Your orchid is beautiful!

Diane said...

Yarn for corn? What will they make yarn from next?

Violiknit said...

Wow, corn yarn! What a great alternative fiber. Nice orchid too...I have a few but they've never bloomed.