Thursday, April 12, 2007

mail call

carola in germany wanted some yarn from the us and wanted to know if i would want to swap for some german yarn. how could i say no? so, i sent her some str and tofutsies (along with a pattern she requested) and LOOK AT WHAT I GOT in return!!!

from left to right: wollmeisen "am kalten polar" and two skeins from drachenwolle which she had specially dyed. i really love the gray, teal, and lavender skein. (i have been wanting something in those colors and the weirdest thing is i didn't tell her that. carola must be a mind reader!) and the other skein is so "spring" that it makes me feel happy.

and she sent chocolate too!

she also sent this cute little sock for my key ring.

i am impressed!

thank you, carola! you are the sweetest! yeah, the new yarn calls. i may not get to finishing my second "lilac in burgundy" sock just yet.