Monday, April 2, 2007

the winner is

... still a secret!

i've gotta thank steph and barbara in nh for picking some of my other patterns as faves! i really wanted to give you brownie points but i played fair.

may i present the "JAR" which contains all your names!
i know, really hi-tech but it is about my speed.

and the winner of two balls of panda cotton in rosewater is...

in california

congratulations, lisa! but wait! my hand is reaching into the jar again! what's going on?! here is another name...

in ohio

YES! there are TWO winners! susan from cpy has been watching and is donating 2 more balls of panda cotton for my contest. i haven't received them yet; so i can't tell you if the color will also be "rosewater" or
one of the other gorgeous panda cotton colors.

so, lisa and karen, please email me at ajmcfong at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addy and i will send these little babies out to their new homes. lisa, let me know if you want the surprise color or the rosewater.

thank you for all your nice comments. it does a heart good! and you have made my week very exciting. i hope you all come back and visit again. i have plans for more giveaways. i have some panda wool waiting for the next contest. there were so many duplicate names; it was truly a challenge to keep you all straight!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh my gosh!! I haven't won anything in forever. Thank you!!!! I started your pattern lastnight in some Opal yarn, maybe I will wait for the Panda to come instead.