Monday, May 7, 2007

not socks!

i thought that i would show you that i do knit things other than socks; although i do admit that socks are currently my favorite! this is the sideways baby sweater from the ptyarn website. this may be a sweater BUT i am knitting it in a vintage opal SOCK yarn!! i'm using the mexiko colorway #17. this was one of those "i gotta have it cuz everyone else wants it" yarns that i knew i would never make socks from. i know you all have yarn like that! don't try denying it! it will make a cute sweater.

oh! you didn't come here to read about my knitting?! you want the "BOTTLE"?! okay, i'll give you ...


winner of panda cotton in rosewater is:

who didn't give me a last inital or where she is from

winner of panda wool is:

i decided to put the names of people not from the us in a special drawing
(because yvonnep did point out that she would not get to try this yarn otherwise)

winner of panda wool is:

and the final winner from combining all the names together so everyone had two chances to win is:

congrats to the winners. i haven't gotten the extra panda wool from susan yet so don't know that colors she is sending. i will give tracy first pick of "lacquer red", surprise #1, or surprise #2. i know that all the colors will be solids. fiadhnat will get 2nd pick. and barbara will get the lovely color remaining. please email me at ajmcfong at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addy and i will get these babies out to their new homes asap.

i may have to learn how to use a random number generator or have my family start picking a number between one and a hundred and... there are a LOT of little pieces of paper in that bottle!

stick around. i have some tofutsies looking for a new home.


Anonymous said...

Adrienne !

What a fun drawing ! Thanks for giving me a chance to win ! Congrats to those who did ! Meanwhile, I tried the picot edging for the ladybug socks, and I didn't quite get it right.......gonna try again ! I've never done that edging before, but loved knitting the two needles-ful together. That was cool ! I think the fact that that edge is double thick would take me some getting used to !

...dotty...(the OKIE okie)

K. Anne said...

I love those baby sweaters knit from sock yarn. The self patterning looks so cool on those.

BarbaraME said...

After sitting through a COLD baseball game the other night (and valiantly trying to knit) I'm thinking fingerless gloves might be next for me.

Adrienne - thanks very much for this contest!

Barbara in NH

Tracy said...

Adrienne - I received my yarn today and it's wonderful. My "surprise" color was Bluebell, it's absolutely perfect and I love it! Thank you again!

Tracy in KCMO