Thursday, May 3, 2007

to answer some questions

for amy: re: "oh! my! gecko eyes!" would best be knit in a solid color yarn, especially if you are planning on knitting with beads. a very subtle variegated or a single color variegated would probably also work.

for rachael in germany: the bellybutton is about 2 hours away from sacramento. i don't go there much at all; although i know there are several yarn stores in the area. i have been to one in davis. i think it's called "in sheep's clothing". it's been several years since i've been there but they did have a nice variety of sock yarn.

for tabitha: who asked for a hint about the june sotm club kit for the knitter. i've finally finished writing up the pattern. that makes judy a very happy person. so, here is a sneak peek...

of the heel flap
(my bad! my bad!)

there is a new yahoo group for people who are knitting the knitter's sotm club patterns. you can chat and get help with the club patterns. you can join here.

dang it all anyways! i may as well show you what i am knitting for swtc. i am writing up the pattern and then knitting the mate as a check. i hate to admit it, but i am a very bad test knitter, especially of my own patterns. i do try hard though! here is TOFUtsies #793...

(my REALLY BAD!!!!)
the colors are very pretty together and this is from a person who is so not into golds and yellows

keep those comments coming. it's funny. i have some of the same patterns on my "to-do" list. and i have already knit several of the other ones. susan at crystal palace yarns is sending me more yarn so there will be more than 2 winners! isn't she wonderful? i plan on drawing one name from those who preferred panda cotton, one from all the others who didn't care or wanted panda wool, and then i am going to mix all the remaining names and continue drawing!

edited to add: click here to see all the new colors of tofutsies. (the new ones don't have funny names yet and i do so like the funny names)


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in the "toe" of the tofutsie sock--does it have a color name or number? Thanks, Marie

BarbaraME said...

What a tease you are! I can't wait to see them both, as always...

Barbara in NH