Thursday, May 24, 2007

i got prezzies!

i got some prizes in the mail. on the left is a skein of sol joy from kerry. isn't it gorgeous? i have been wanting to try this yarn since kerry blogged about it. i looked for it at stitches west (and apparently there was some there) but i obviously looked in all the wrong places because I couldn't find any. now i have my very own!

and on the right is a pretty skein of trekking in one of my favorite colors. this is from p-la because she is one of the most generous people in the whole wide world (and because we made a "deal" - **wink, wink**). i love trekking.

thank you, kerry & p-la! i am one happy girl!

i've finished knitting the sideways sweater but have not finished sewing the TWO seams. i have this aversion to finishing. don't make me tell you how many pairs of socks i have that just need the ends sewn in. yes, i am THAT bad. what do you hate to do? maybe that would be a good question for my next give-away!


PurlingPirate said...

Knit it in good health!! Enjoy!!

Karen said...

I love that Trekking!!! Happy knitting

danielle said...

I hate finishing too - which is why I rarely make anything beyond socks, baby blankets, and scarves. I have made some vests and tanks and I think the finishing looks horrible...maybe I should take a class someday and learn to do it right! I dont mind tucking ends in - although they always end up showing at some point!

Cynthia said...

The yarn is beautiful.

I hate to weave in the ends of my projects also.