Thursday, October 4, 2007

my very first pair

...of socks that rock socks for ME!!! are finished. i kitchenered the second toe just a bit ago. yippee!!!! they are all MINE!!! and to celebrate (what perfect timing), i drew winners for my contest. but first, i wanna show you my socks. i know how to prolong the agony; but i know you all are very happy that i finally have a pair for ME!

"socks that rock" lightweight
nodding violet as a skein

here is the skein open so you can enjoy all the pretty colors

and here are the bottoms of my new socks so you can appreciate how the colors knit up. just awesome!
i heart my new socks.

addi's 2.5mm for leg/knitpick's 2.5mm for foot
[has anyone else noticed that the knitpicks 2.5mm seem to be a bit smaller than the addi's 2.5mm]
gauge: 8 sts/inch stockinette using kp

i can't really show you how cute they really are yet. i knit these in the same pattern as the ones i did in "backstabber." i love this colorway. they will be so nice with my jeans.

drumroll, please. who will get to knit a pair of foofoo (i love that name) socks that rock socks?! i loved reading your reasons for wanting the yarn. and i enjoyed wandering around your blogs. of course, you all will have to let me know when you are hosting a contest so i can play. i love contests with yarn for prizes.

oh, you want to know the winner of the socks that rock lightweight in the foofoo colorway?! the winner is....

iris (risiko)

and thanks to those of you who posted about my contest on your blog. the winner of the tofutsies is...

knitting linguist

congrats to both of you! and i wanna see what you knit with the yarn. email me at ajmcfong at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addy and i will get your prizes out to you.

come back and visit. who knows when i will feel the need to "share the wealth" again!


PurlingPirate said...

I am knitting myself a pair of socks out of the Nodding Violet right now. I'm loving it!

Alisha said...

Congrats to your winners and I love the color of those socks!!

Knitting Linguist said...

Really? Me? Tofusties? Oh, wow (I'm swooning, here -- I never win anything!)! Thanks :) I'll email separately, but meanwhile, I wanted to let you know I love your new STR socks. Are you wearing them already (I can never resist putting new socks straight onto my feet)?

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I love the colors yummers and if you'd like a chance to win some walking or running shoes like I did go to my blog to enter the giveaway;) Darcy

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I love Nodding Violet! I knit my first STR pair in that colorway.

Congrats to your winners and I am looking forward to seeing your pattern on BMFA's site (or in the sock club?).

Violiknit said...

Great colors on those STR socks!