Tuesday, October 23, 2007

mystery kal's

i am finally to clue 3 of mystery stole 3. i am, obviously, way behind; but there are advantages to this too. first, if there is a mistake in the pattern, someone else finds it. then there are always folks who tweak the pattern just a bit. i will be using beading banshee's clue 4 ending which wraps the lace border around the end before beginning the wing. i think it makes a beautiful transition between the two sections.

i signed up for secret of the stole (sos) and secret-of-chrysopolis shawl kals and am following the action closely. i have not started either one yet. i am not crazy enough to have more than one lace shawl/stole on the needles at one time. (socks, of course, are another knit! and please don't ask how many i have going right now. i am in denial and really don't want to know).

if i am counting correctly, that is 3 mystery kal's! but wait, there is one more... the mystic waters lace shawl kal.
go there and read the description of the shawl. go ahead, i'll wait........ (cue in double jeopardy music ). doesn't it sound gorgeous? so, yes, i am signed up for that one too. and i may just have to cast on. a while back, carrie sent me some knit picks alpaca cloud in tide pool as a prize. doesn't this sound like destiny? sign-ups end tonight at midnight somewhere time. anybody wanna join me? now you can say i'm "crazy"!

eta: i actually signed up for 5 mystery shawl/stole kals. i missed one, spring shawl surprice. it doesn't start unil january 1, 2008 so does it really count?


Tracy said...

Mystic Waters got to me - I've never done a mystery lace KAL, but that changes as of tomorrow. Well, as of tomorrow I'll officially have started one, we will see about done.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh! That DOES sound lovely -- I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

I am going to do the Mystic Waters one. Guess it was meant to be when I had everything I needed in my stash.
The link for the German shawl(?) did not get me any where or I would have signed up for that one also.

Lisa said...

I have been tempted by all of those too. I joined them but haven't knit a stitch on any of them. Oh well, maybe later. :)