Monday, October 15, 2007

i'm on ravelry

thank you so much for the suggestions. i am now on ravelry as "bellybuttonknits" . i was going to use "bellybuttonknitter" but i guess you are not allowed to use that many letters.

i've already spent an hour getting lost. there sure are a lot of groups. am wondering the purpose since many are duplicates of those in yahoo, etc. i don't think i will join too many because i will probably find myself spending too much time reading instead of knitting.

i will "friend" all of you. and you can look for me!


Anne said...

yay! see you there ---

Katie K said...

I'm Katie K (surprise, surprise) and I look forward to being friends.

Knitting Linguist said...

Welcome to Ravelry! It's good fun (in a time-eating sort of way :) ). I'm Jocelyn there, if you want to friend me!

Violiknit said...

Welcome, and thanks for friending me! Hope you have lots of fun on Ravelry!