Monday, November 17, 2008

another mini mochi ball

susan sent me another color to play with. this one is strawberry-lime rainbow (#106). i am knitting the sample as a toddler size sock but am planning on using this for an uni-sex adult size sock. the slight texture brings interest to the yarn without distracting from the beautiful color changes. i did "cheat" and used the other end of the ball to knit the heel so as not to disrupt the colors as presented.

view of instep
(i still haven't reached the beginning of the next repeat yet)

side view
colors are close but not accurate. the orange is actually slightly more red than here.

i am wondering how this pattern would work with panda superwash. susan sent me a couple of balls of that to play with too. off to experiment.

you know this is really bad. i still have my windowpane socks and the mate to my brother's old navy socks to knit. distractions, distractions!!!!!! not good but oh soooooo FUN!


debi's place said...

Distractions for you??? Come on tell the truth you have startitis.

LizzieK8 said...

Any idea if a pair of short socks could be made from one ball?

Knitting Linguist said...

They're great! I love the colors in that yarn. And now you've got me wondering whether the two first socks I've just knitted count as a "pair" for the KAL, lol :)

Nell said...

That is definitely a tropical drink in sock form!