Sunday, November 9, 2008

mini mochi

don't cha love that name?! reminds me of those japanese mochi which are absolutely squishable! this mini mochi (or mini m) is a new yarn ( self-striping single ply, fingering weight merino wool/nylon blend) from crystal palace yarns. it will come in some glorious colors (similar to noro sock). only this yarn is so much softer than noro. ask me how i know!

because..........(squeee) i am playing with one of only 8 partial skeins available in this world!

"heaven, i'm in heaven..."

flame rainbow (#102)
colors are a bit more subdued than in photo

and it is sooooooooooo soft! i would compare it to malabrigo; yes, it is that soft.
i want to make scarves!

but it is lacking one thing that noro has...

yep, no twigs, leaves, thorns, etc.

it has some thick and thin spots, as is common with single ply yarns, but the differences are not extreme. there is a nice halo to the yarn. and that blue one is to die for...i want it all!!! MINE! MINE! MINE!

you will need to get yourself some of this when it becomes available; if there is any after i get to it. and it will be cheaper ($8.60/50gm, yes, i had to ask) than noro.

i am working on a fingerless mitt (sample for the tnna show) to show off the color variations of the yarn . pattern for the mitts and a matching scarf will be available on the cpy website eventually. i want to make matching socks too! susan said i could!

i got some panda superwash (psup) to play with too but the mini mochi needed its own post. it is too wonderful!


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Hmmm, I wonder if it's even better than the Malabrigo sock yarn.

Irishgirlie's friend, Terri, actually knit up her sample of Malabrigo sock, and found it wanting.

Nell said...

Pretty! And really? It's malabrigo soft???? That's a bold statement. ;)