Monday, February 26, 2007

"meandering" at stitches west

i had a chance to shop the market at stitches west on friday. i manged to find all the different sock yarns i wanted to try and then some. the weather is horrible today so i haven't taken any photos of my newly purchased stash.

i stopped by the blue moon fiber arts booth in the hopes of meeting tina and kaci. tina was not there but i did get to talk to kaci. she is so nice. of course, since i was there, i had to browse around. i was good and did not buy any more str since i already have a huge stash of that. BUT i did spot...


it's MY pattern!!!!
which i designed for bmfa last summer!!!
and it is now available for purchase.

i felt a surge of excitement seeing my sock and its printed pattern hanging there in the booth! the sample is knit with socks that rock lightweight. the colorway is "midsummer's night". i loved the subtle color changes. i had to give the socks to them so will have to reknit them again for me one of these days.

i also stopped by the swtc booth, home of soysilk yarns, and talked to jonelle. my first published design was for swtc. i designed "pink peony" using their optima yarn. jonelle really liked the sock so has asked if i would redo it using their new tofutsie. it was one of the yarns on my shopping list...what a coincidence! i get to play with it now. silly me! i'd already bought some at my first stop!



That's pretty neat, having your pattern on display at Stitches West. Pattern designing for socks can definitely get you some fame, just look at Cookie A.!

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

ohh this is one of my favorite patterns. You are a wonderful designer!