Wednesday, February 28, 2007

to market, to market

to buy...

my first stop at stitches west market was webs. the salesgirl was very helpful and without my asking, directed me to the sock yarn. (could it have been the pomatomus socks i had on?) i found the tofutsies yarn that was on my list. i also found some of webs' house brand of hand-dyed sock yarn which was NOT on my list. needless to say, i qualified for the 25% discount.

top row: tofutsies #723, alpaca/ silk lace wt in burgundy, tofutsies #733
bottom row: kangaroo dyer hand-dyed franklin sock yarn (wool/nylon blend) cherries, twilight, blueberry

lisa souza

on the left is sock! merino in "emerald city"
on the right is sock! in "little devil"

to the right : claudia's hand-painted yarn in "just plum"

brooks farm primero kid mohair

sock yarn from ellen's half-pint farm

notice a color scheme going here? i was trying very hard to get out of my comfort zone too. oh well, i'm happy!



Ohhh so pretty! Did you stop by Cookie's booth while you were there? I hear she was overwhelmed! It's amazing what a couple of sock patterns on Knitty can do for your reputation.

Mimiwonton said...

OH...lovely yarn! Wishing I were close by instead of in Oklahoma so I could go too!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, these yarns look to die for! Fantastic colour choices! Happy Knitting!

K. Anne said...

I just can't resist the Brooks Farm. When they were here last summer I had fun browsing their booth. So much to choose from. Oh the colors!