Thursday, February 8, 2007

vanilla sox with a touch of "wild" tiger

i have been down with the flu all week. this is not a nice one. i slept all day LAST wednesday. worked thurday through sunday. i was never so glad to see a sunday end. i am tired all day and have a horrible cough! i am tired from coughing!

i finally took the tigers out of the corner and finished them. thank you for telling me that tigers don't match and that i could really leave them.

here are the MATCHING toes!

i really wanted to believe you that the insteps didn't need to match. i really, really did! but i couldn't help myself. it's amazing how many times you can frog opal yarn and still have it looking it NEW! no, i won't tell you how many times i reknit the instep to end up with this.....

WILD insteps!

i give up. i almost got them to match once but the colors started over too far. these i can live with. at least the pooling looks like tiger stripes. i think i had a problem with the original ones having an even orange streak across the instep...not tigery at all!

...and the rest of the sock matches!

opal rainforest tiger
2.5mm needles/gauge 9 sts/inch
visited frog pond enough times to qualify as TWO pairs of socks knit!
i think i got my money's worth from this skein!

now to wash and block them so that they can be sent on to their new home!


Diane said...

Those socks look wonderful. You did a great job.

Marguerite said...

Sorry you've been sick. No fun.

The socks are beautiful.

I thought they looked beautiful the first time, though, but we must knit to please ourselves. I've been known to do something similar, so I understand.