Tuesday, February 13, 2007

seduced by seduction

i have just finished knitting a sock that i designed for blue moon fiber arts. i got to play with this beautiful skein of seduction in the blue brick wall colorway.

seduction is a blend of merino wool and tencel which gives the yarn a gorgeous sheen. the yarn is soft and silky and truly a pleasure to knit with. i love the colors. the colors are pretty true in the skein. the following pictures are a bit washed out!

here's the cuff...

heel flap in eye of partridge...
isn't it cute?!

and the toe!
see the great stitch definition?!

and it's a little finer than the socks that rock lightweight and has more yardage than either the str lightweight or medium weight. it doesn't have the sproing of the traditional str but it is so nice to knit with. i am in heaven!

what?! where's the rest of the sock? you know i can't show that to you. ;o}. the gals at bmfa might come after me!

in other knitting, i am working on a baby surprise sweater for my cousin who is having a baby shower in a week and a half. i am hoping to finish it before the shower. my plan is to give it to her unassembled. she and her hubby are both architects and i am bad enough to make them guess what this is. ez was truly brilliant. i am amazed every time i make one of these. my sons just shake their heads... i am using woolease in black sprinkles (with flecks of colors which aren't showing up very well in the photo).

i am going to market at stitches west next friday. anyone else going?

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tapmouse said...

Hey, Adrienne,

Any idea when your pattern is going to be made available? I saw your sock at Sock Camp and wanted the pattern soooo badly! They didn't have it for sale, though...>:(